Longwood Championships Girls 14’s Mar.2014

March 17, 2014

This week Nikki is competing up for the Girls 14’s. Her first competition in this division. Nikki wanted a little more of a challenge and maybe play some new girls.

Longwood Championships Level 7 Girls 14’s

The draws are in. Nikki is playing the #1 Seed. She said she wanted a new challenge! Some girls from the 12’s that she already played before are in the draws for the 14’s, so Nikki was glad to play the 14’s #1.

Main draw in the Quarterfinals at Longwood, Nikki played the #1 Seed. Tough match with a very good player. Nikki lost 6-1; 6-0. She needs to work on her consistency.
Playing in the Consolation Match tomorrow.

Nikki’s first match was against an opponent who she played several times in the Girls 12’s. She won in the 3rd set tiebreak 2-6; 6-1; 17-15!!!

Next match is with a 13 year old girl who always plays in the Girls 14’s. Nikki was able to beat her in the finals with another 3rd set tiebreak 6-3; 1-6; 10-5!

It was so windy today but Nikki still managed to get through it and play her game.
She came home with her first Girl’s 14 Winning Trophy!!